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Let’s Use Free Speech to Praise Libraries

Libraries serve the cool Libraries invite the interested Libraries inspire the wise So take the bus to your local library and on the way read this library themed poetry chapbook It will put you in the library visiting mood Or else   26 pages; 25 poems.

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Let’s Use Free Speech to Inspire Those with Asperger’s Syndrome

You can do anything even if you have Asperger’s Syndrome! Nothing should stop you from living the life of your dreams! This short book of poems inspires, motivates, and encourages all Aspies to achieve their full potential. 26 pages; 25 poems.

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Jack & the Beanstalk A Multisensory Adventure (& Themed Sensory Extension Activities)

Join Jack on his adventures with this rhyming Jack & the Beanstalk Multisensory Story and Themed Sensory Extension Activities Rhyming Multisensory Stories connect individuals with special educational needs & disabilities (aged 3-19) to literature, culture and topic in a way that is meaningful to their lives. A multisensory story is told through the senses using […]

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How to Use Freedom of Speech to Boost Your Creativity

Would you like to develop more creativity? Are you often stumped about how to become more creative?This book shows how anyone, even YOU, can become more creative by using freedom of speech. This work guides you through 19 different creative tools so you too can harness the full power of freedom of expression. Don’t listen […]

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Let’s Use Free Speech to Praise the Vegan Way

Some consider veganism tough I consider it doable Some consider veganism unsound I consider it justified Some consider veganism foolish I consider it wise And how will you feel about veganism After reading this poetry chapbook? 26 pages; 25 poems.

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Hurray for Raw Foods and Raw Veganism!: 40 Poems

When you combine two great things, veganism and the raw food diet, you get something even greater yet, raw veganism. Raw veganism can take the world by storm. Other books focus on explaining raw veganism and providing raw vegan recipes; this book focuses on celebrating raw veganism through poetry. 42 pages.

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