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A decorative poster of the colors in Hebrew

A decorative poster of the colors in Hebrew. Print and enjoy!

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Learn Hebrew with a Song: The most beautiful girl in kindergarten – 4 pages

Learn Hebrew in a fun way! With this 4 pages lesson about the classic Israeli song: הַיַּלְדָּה הֲכִי יָפָה בַּגַּן HaYalDah HaChi YaFah BaGan (The most beautiful girl in kindergarten) For custom orders write Listen here:  

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Hanukkah Hebrew Vocabulary – FREE

An original 2 pages Hanukkah vocabulary in Hebrew devided into 3 columns:  The Hebrew words (vowelled) Phonetics (So you’ll know how to pronounce the words even if you don’t know hoe to read and write in Hebrew) The translation to English In addition you will find common holiday sentences (“Happy holiday!”) etc. For custom requests […]

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Jewish Rites of Death, Stories of Beauty and Transformation

A Beautiful and Inspiring Reflection of Holy Work     Accented by artistic black and white photography, this book is an introduction to an inter-world space, the boundary where death and life meet: the “space between worlds” that we encounter when we deal with the dead.  We enter into it through a series of extraordinary […]

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Design and Development of the Old Testament

Thesis on design and development of the Old Testament.

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Tuvia Ruebner – “Poems From the Depth of Field” A Documentary film (55 Min.)

    Tuvia Ruebner, winner of the Israel Prize for poetry, tells his life story and describes the road to his poetry. His photographs accompany the beginnings of his creative work in Kibbutz Merhavia, but later on his poetry took over from the camera as he started  ‘taking photos’ with words. From his study Tuvia […]

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