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Monster Factory for STUTTERING- BOOM Cards (Light Articulatory Contact Practice)

**Please note that this works best with a regular mouse. For some reason, the sounds don’t always work with a touch screen**   The most fun you’ll have working on fluency-enhancing techniques!! Each movement has a sound effect with it! Your children will look forward to practicing light articulatory contact multiple times so that they […]

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dice game worksheet

this product includes a Microsoft Word document which is completely editable. the game’s instructions are included too :))) I use this paper with 2 dices to run a game. in each square, I write a question (vocabulary/grammar/ ….)  this document is so useful for any subject and you can hand it to students and in […]

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There is/are, some/any, Can I have…? (game, distance learning)

This game helps to practice “There is/are…” and “Can I have…?”. Students can work in pairs or teams. First one student tries to remember what is in the fridge. Then they both choose 3 recipes. The other student checks the ingredients in the fridge asking “Is there…? Are there…?” If the first student doesn’t guess […]

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Clothes. Present Continuous (game Jeopardy, presentation)

This game is for practicing the Present Continuous and names of clothes. Children choose the category and the number of points, then complete the sentences looking at the pictures and answer the questions

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Animals. The Present Simple

This activity if for practicing questions and short answers in the Present Simple using animals vocabulary

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Animals. The Present Continuous (presentation, game)

This game is for practicing the Present Continuous and names of different animals. First, you show the fragments of animals and children try to guess what animals they are. Then they say what these animals are doing.

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How to draw 3D Shapes

This step-by-step guide will have everyone drawing 3D shapes in less than five easy steps. With this guide students will learn how to draw: -cube -square pyramid -cylinder -sphere -cone -triangular prism -hemisphere -rectangular prism   Includes draw along pages to follow step-by-step, which will result in memorization for better results. Worksheets also include a […]

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Scratch Jr Visually

  TL:DR Learn with pictures Scratch Jr guides.    Why these visual guides? I am glad you asked.   Hello, my name is J.   Scratch Jr is a great resource, but most of the guides I have found are huge text walls.  I much prefer students and teachers to learn by doing and that […]

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The Rabbi’s Bible: Early Prophets

Volume 2 Paperback Behrman House Inc. Only 2 in stock Delivered only within the US

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