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Monster Factory for STUTTERING- BOOM Cards (Light Articulatory Contact Practice)

**Please note that this works best with a regular mouse. For some reason, the sounds don’t always work with a touch screen**   The most fun you’ll have working on fluency-enhancing techniques!! Each movement has a sound effect with it! Your children will look forward to practicing light articulatory contact multiple times so that they […]

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ESL/EFL/ENL Food Vocabulary Activities and Games

Food Bingo Game Vocabulary Practice

This resources package is dedicated to teaching beginner ENL, ESL and EFL students new vocabulary items connected with food (vegetables, fruits, fast food and general products).   The materials were designed in such a way so as to both appeal to the younger audience (through the use of games and color) and engage all four basic […]

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Verb CAN / CAN’T Grammar Practice Pair Work

This is a very simple chart to help students practise grammatical structures with the verb ‘can’. Divide students into pairs and hand over one copy of the chart to each pair. The game begins with one student from each pair picking a single animal from the chart (but not saying out loud which one). The […]

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There is/are, some/any, Can I have…? (game, distance learning)

This game helps to practice “There is/are…” and “Can I have…?”. Students can work in pairs or teams. First one student tries to remember what is in the fridge. Then they both choose 3 recipes. The other student checks the ingredients in the fridge asking “Is there…? Are there…?” If the first student doesn’t guess […]

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Clothes. Present Continuous (game Jeopardy, presentation)

This game is for practicing the Present Continuous and names of clothes. Children choose the category and the number of points, then complete the sentences looking at the pictures and answer the questions

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Animals. The Present Simple

This activity if for practicing questions and short answers in the Present Simple using animals vocabulary

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Animals. The Present Continuous (presentation, game)

This game is for practicing the Present Continuous and names of different animals. First, you show the fragments of animals and children try to guess what animals they are. Then they say what these animals are doing.

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Classifying and Sorting 2 and 3 Dimensional Figures

Students will analyze attributes of two dimensional shapes and three dimensional solids to develop generalizations about their properties. They will classify 2-D and 3-D figures including cones, cylinders, sphere, triangular and rectangular prisms, and cubes, based on attributes using formal geometric language.   Includes: 2 posters for your classroom in black and white sorting 2-D […]

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Multiplication Practice 1 to 12

Learning multiplication? This packet is great for those who are practicing and trying to memorize the multiplication table. Includes a booklet with tabs that allows the student to jump easily to the multiplication table they want to learn or review. There are different types of exercises to aid with memorization. 3 worksheets have the multiplication […]

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Representing Multiplication in Different Ways

Multiplying can be a difficult thing to grasp for some students. By showing them with pictures, number lines, area models, jumps on a number line, the student will feel confident and grasp what multiplying entails. They will learn that multiplying is like adding but quicker. By looking at pictorial models students will form a multiplication […]

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