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Shapes Worksheets

This packet contains introduction to shapes, making patterns, sides of shapes, graphing by the amount of sides of a shape, shape information cards, adding sides and noticing different shapes in a picture. There is a little bit of everything in this packet regarding shapes and some of the activities will require scissors, colors and glue. […]

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Punctuation Marks

This download contains various worksheets in which the student will use their skills to show you that they can punctuate correctly just about any sentence. They will learn about declarative, interrogative, imperative and exclamatory sentences. Accompanying the worksheets are great flashcards that will keep them engaged and learning. Because the flashcards are neat & cute […]

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Preposition Worksheets

This packet contains preposition worksheets and flashcards. Wide variety of activities in English & Spanish that the students are sure to enjoy. It provides well detailed explanation of each prepositional word. The students practice their handwriting as they write each prepositional word and label the objects in the picture which help them describe the scenery […]

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More than, less than, equal to Worksheets

These worksheets will help your student know: more than, less than & equal to problems while they go through a smooth transition from easy to difficult. Some of the activities in this pack will require scissors and glue.     -Kiddos are instructed to circle the group that has more/less. -The students use <, > […]

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Learning Colors English & Spanish

This download is in English and Spanish. It includes journal activities, worksheets and fun coloring pages for students to learn their colors. Page 1 & 2 – Cut & sort. Students will cut out the names of the colors and the pictures and match them with each other. Page 3-5: The kiddos read the word […]

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How to draw 3D Shapes

This step-by-step guide will have everyone drawing 3D shapes in less than five easy steps. With this guide students will learn how to draw: -cube -square pyramid -cylinder -sphere -cone -triangular prism -hemisphere -rectangular prism   Includes draw along pages to follow step-by-step, which will result in memorization for better results. Worksheets also include a […]

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Antonyms and Synonyms Worksheets

These antonyms & synonyms worksheets are proved to get your kiddos engaged in learning with beautiful graphics and easy directions. Writing prompts are included. Some of the activities in this resource will require glue and scissors. This is all prepped ready to go, manage easily through this big resource with the table on contents.   […]

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Scratch Jr Visually

  TL:DR Learn with pictures Scratch Jr guides.    Why these visual guides? I am glad you asked.   Hello, my name is J.   Scratch Jr is a great resource, but most of the guides I have found are huge text walls.  I much prefer students and teachers to learn by doing and that […]

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Magic Words (Printable)

I prepared these magic words for my primary 1 teachers so that they could teach these important words, word phrases to their students at the beginning of the semester.

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When Grandpa and Grandma Miss – כשסבתא וסבא מתגעגעים

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