Honey Bee ANATOMY, LIFE CYCLE & Spin wheel, Editable PDF


Handmade watercolor print, instant download.

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· Editable  PDF file with 13 pages. You can use like you see on pictures, on English, but you can moderate, edit the title, and the labels. You can translate to Latin or another language. Lamination extends the duration of the educational material.

· Size: 

Letter – 2550px x 3300px, 8.5″ x 11″, 21,59cm x 27,94cm

The Body Parts of a Bee – Anatomy of a bee:

1. Head

2. Thorax

3. Abdomen

4. Foreleg

5. Middle leg

6. Hind leg

7. Forewing

8. Hind wing

9.  Antenna

10. Compound eye


PDF File includes:

1-3. pages – Honey bee anatomy, Bee diagram and the labels

4. Honey bee life cycle – row type (not editable)

5. page  – Honey bee life cycle – circle type

6-7. pages – Tic-Tac-Toe with parts for players and the winner stick

8-11. pages – 3-Part Cards about life cycle (6 sets – egg, larva, pupa, young bee, adult, life cycle ) and instruction

12-13. pages –  Bee Life Cycle Spin Wheel


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This is a digital file so no physical items will be sent.

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